6 Things to Consider Before Building a New Fence

So you think you’re ready to build a new fence? Are you sure you’ve considered everything? Just in case, we’ve made this quick list of things to consider before you start construction on your new fence.

  1. HOA.

If you’re part of an HOA, you’ll want to check if fences are allowed. Assuming they are, there may be restrictions in place about the type of fence you can construct, as well as color and height. There are good odds you’ll need any fence design approved by the HOA board.

  1. Curb Appeal.

While it may not matter too much to you if you aren’t planning on borrowing against the value of your home or selling anytime soon, curb appeal is a big factor in the kind of fence you should choose. If you at all plan on selling or if you want to improve your home equity, you’ll want to make sure that your fence has tons of curb appeal.

  1. Purpose.

Likewise, you’ll need to consider why you need a fence. If you’re planning on having a fenced-in area for your pets, a chain-link fence may be just up your alley. If you’re planning on having kids play in the yard for the next few years, a privacy fence may be more your style. And if you plan on keeping farm animals, you’ll need to look into the different types of fences that different stock requires.

  1. Cost.

You’ve probably heard that fencing is expensive, but that’s just not true. There are so many types of fences from prefab to completely DIY. Regardless, you’ll want to make a strict budget and stick with it – otherwise, it might end up costing you way more than necessary.

  1. Planning.

You’ll want to plan out your fence from start to finish. “Measure twice cut once” comes into play. From where to plant the posts and how deep, to the material you’ll use, so if you’ll hire a crew or not, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything mapped out – literally. Consult with your appraisal office to ensure that you’re putting the fence on your property.

         6. Maintenance

The type of maintenance required for your new fence should be considered. Will it need to be stained? Repaired often? Is it made from a low-maintenance material? How much will it take to keep it clean? Will it require a professional power washing service?

At the end of the day, this is your property and your fence. You know what you need best, and you know what your plans for the future are. But these 5 things to consider can make or break a home improvement project whether you’re planning on selling or not. So plan, budget, consult, and get this fence done!