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What is is a free resource for those in need of online Internet privacy. The aim of this site is to educate Internet users how to protect their privacy at little or no cost. On these pages we will try to explain basic concepts of Internet security and anonymity, today’s protection technologies used, provide tips on choosing security software. This site has been written by professionals to help the average Internet user with no computer education to understand the threats he/she is facing when using the Internet and how to deal with them.

Here is a simple question: what does the "online privacy" mean for an average Internet user? A simple answer to that could be: it is the opportunity to conduct all Internet activities securely, so that no one could intercept the communications, and privately, so that the remote party could see only those personal details of the user the user would allow to see. This task is not that simple, as it may seem. Straightforward reconfiguring of the browser and email client to remove personal details would not solve it. There are some details, which cannot be removed or modified by an Internet user. We will try to explain in simple words what can be done about it

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First, please read our articles on "Internet Privacy" and "Data interception" to learn about the important role of IP for your Internet privacy. There we will give some essentials of secure and private communication in the Internet, regardless what you use: email, web, chat, etc. This section can be applied to all your Internet activities.

For more detailed explanation and tips on specific topics please visit our "Email Security and Anonymity" or "Anonymous Surfing" pages. On these pages you will find out how privacy can be compromised when browsing or emailing. You will also find tips and tricks on how to protect yourself without using any additional software.

"Computer Security" section of the site will help you to determine the software you need to protect your PC.

"Online Business Privacy" page is devoted to those who are running offshore business or communicate through the Internet in business needs.

On "Privacy Tools and Resources" page you will find many useful links to Internet privacy related sites, software vendors, anonymous service providers and tools to check your Internet anonymity and perform research on IP addresses.

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We believe this site will be a good starting point to learn about online privacy and will help the readers to find the proper solutions to protect their privacy. If you have Internet security related question and it was not answered on this site, you may contact us for an advice. It's free.